CYBER-CRIME: One of the world’s greatest and newest threats

The internet has created a platform for cyber-criminals to launch attacks from anywhere in the world with attackers continually changing their methods and potential targets.
The primary channel is via email, but also through social media sharing platforms and the IoT (Internet Of Things) which allows for connecting multiple devices and platforms digitally.
The attackers range from hackers, hostile operators, company employees and organised crime syndicates. Many companies have been unable to recover from a severe cyber attack.


The motives can be to either destroy or to exploit a company or individual.
CNA (Computer Network Attack) – to disrupt, degrade or destroy a system or information
CNE (Computer Network Exploitation) – to acquire, steal or exploit information
In addition to the above, ransomware and malware is designed to entice a user to open or access the software and to specifically glean information from you via Phishing and other methods.


Cyber Insurance Solutions (CIS) provides cover for costs related to responding to network security of a privacy breach.
We are well positioned to discuss the options with you and have access to market-leading Service Providers.
• Data recovery and related business Interruption
• Crisis management and notification costs
• Digital media liability
• Cyber extortion
• Cyber liability


“Identity theft occurs every 79 seconds worldwide.”
~ CSI (Crime Stoppers International)

“32% of companies in South Africa have been affected”
“Out of 114 countries, SA is 6th in terms of cyber attacks”
~Kaspersky Lab
“Nearly one million new pieces of malware are released every single day.”
~ Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

“Every fourth Wi-Fi spot around the world is unsecured and poses a risk to user personal data.”
~ Kaspersky Lab

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